Family Massage in Hong Kong?

Okay, it may sound unusual to you North American readers, but this last weekend my family went for massages. Our first family massage experience was in Cambodia this past Christmas. And since then, the kids are addicts.

On Sunday afternoon, after our traditional Sunday Indian Buffet Brunch (if you’ve hung with me in Hong Kong, chance are I have taken you to Bombay Dreams – all you can drink Lassi!), we wandered down the steps towards Lyndhurst.

So, the day before my daughter had collected a flyer from Refresh Massage, so we decided to check it out. I have to admit I was a bit leery, but the massage place is in the same building as Yardbird & J.A.R.!

Well, no photos here, to protect the relaxed and innocent, but we were totally relaxed after this experience. My daughter and I opted for the full-body. My eight-year old son had a foot massage. And the hubby had a shoulder and neck massage – he fell asleep in his chair.

“Ah, I feel so relaxed; maybe all I need is a massage to get rid of all this tension in my body?” suggested my husband as we left our new go-to massage place.


Urban Beach Vacation in Hong Kong

This city has a full-on supply of stress and pollution. Yet, we do have the advantage of being surrounded by beaches. My family has set a goal of swimming in all of the beaches of Hong Kong – those deemed safe to swim in, of course. See guide from the Environmental Protection Department: So far we have been to ShekO; Repulse Bay; Stanley Main Beach; St. Stephen Beach; and South Bay.

This last week-end we were at South Bay. Now that we have got the beach umbrella rental figured, the beach bag contents sorted, and the packed lunch organized our trips to the beach are stress-free and maximally enjoyable. The combination of sea salt, ocean air and sunshine makes us all feel sun-kissed and happy. It seems that a weekend with a trip to beach makes everyone feel relaxed for the busy week ahead.

It is my prescription to everyone to get out and enjoy that nature in before the invasion of the thermal inversions of winter. It’s during the cooler months that we Hong Kongers have so much to worry about with air pollution as a result of thermal inversions trapping the smog between layers of warm and cool air. So get out there, but try not to block my sun!