Family Massage in Hong Kong?

Okay, it may sound unusual to you North American readers, but this last weekend my family went for massages. Our first family massage experience was in Cambodia this past Christmas. And since then, the kids are addicts.

On Sunday afternoon, after our traditional Sunday Indian Buffet Brunch (if you’ve hung with me in Hong Kong, chance are I have taken you to Bombay Dreams – all you can drink Lassi!), we wandered down the steps towards Lyndhurst.

So, the day before my daughter had collected a flyer from Refresh Massage, so we decided to check it out. I have to admit I was a bit leery, but the massage place is in the same building as Yardbird & J.A.R.!

Well, no photos here, to protect the relaxed and innocent, but we were totally relaxed after this experience. My daughter and I opted for the full-body. My eight-year old son had a foot massage. And the hubby had a shoulder and neck massage – he fell asleep in his chair.

“Ah, I feel so relaxed; maybe all I need is a massage to get rid of all this tension in my body?” suggested my husband as we left our new go-to massage place.


Hong Kong in a Word

Does a city have a personality? Long before Eat, Pray, Love I thought about the one word that would describe the city I was living in at any particular time. I have a word for three of my favourite cities: Toronto – insecure; New York – tasmanian; and I have a word for Hong Kong – courageous.

Toronto is full of people with amazing potential and creative energy. However, in order to express that creativity, the Torontonian must leave her city. I was trying to a name to what it was I could see was happening to so many of my friends; then I read a letter from the editor of Toronto Life, Sarah Fulford where she describes Toronto has having a “fragile self-image”. What is so wrong with stepping outside of the box and trying something new? 

New York, on the other-hand is full of tasmanian devils – spiralling in a state of gettin-her-done. New Yorkers feel cannot just be satisfied to be regular types, there is a push to be the “best” and “fame = success”. Because really they should be managing a small multi-national corporation rather than packing groceries at C-Town – tee hee.

Hong Kongers, especially the Ex-Pats, are courageous. Asia is the place where things are happening, the center of excitement and growth in the world: financial, technological, even cultural… Artists like David Fenner are saying HK is at the crux of a creative revolution. The arts in HK are growing like never before – even sales of by Christie’s, Hong Kong increased by 110% since October 2009 – When a Hong Konger wants to make something happen, it does: HKers are motivated and use networks to achieve dreams. So take a lesson TO – be brave; and NYC – move that spiral outwards; and Hong Kongers – move forward brave soldiers. And on the weekend – relax on the beach.

Now, whether any of this will have a positive effect on me remains to be seen… Stay posted.