Scallops with Carrot Spirals & Yellow Pepper Slivers

Skillet Scallops with veggie spirals

Skillet Scallops with veggie spirals

Here is recipe for a simple pan-fry preparation of scallops. This is a serving for ONE!

  • 5-8 scallops – fresh/defrosted on a bed of paper towel in the fridge overnight
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 carrot spiralled (I find you can do a whole carrot and when it is spiraled it is so easy to eat-up)
  • 1/4 yellow pepper (thinly sliced)
  • sprinkiing of pink himalayan sal
  • 2 Tsp thinly chopped green onions
  • Red onions for colour

Heat pan to medium low temperature. Add the coconut oil to the pan. Allow pan to heat up and place the scallops in the oil. Brown the scallops on each side for a few seconds.

Leave the scallops to cook for only a few minutes (the colour will change from translucent to white). While the scallops cook on one side of the pan; add the spiraled carrots (these need only a few minutes to soften. I like my peppers with some texture, so when the carrots are tender, take the peppers out of the pan as well. Place veggies on your plate & gently arrange the scallops on top. Sprinkle the onions on top for texture & colour.



Family Massage in Hong Kong?

Okay, it may sound unusual to you North American readers, but this last weekend my family went for massages. Our first family massage experience was in Cambodia this past Christmas. And since then, the kids are addicts.

On Sunday afternoon, after our traditional Sunday Indian Buffet Brunch (if you’ve hung with me in Hong Kong, chance are I have taken you to Bombay Dreams – all you can drink Lassi!), we wandered down the steps towards Lyndhurst.

So, the day before my daughter had collected a flyer from Refresh Massage, so we decided to check it out. I have to admit I was a bit leery, but the massage place is in the same building as Yardbird & J.A.R.!

Well, no photos here, to protect the relaxed and innocent, but we were totally relaxed after this experience. My daughter and I opted for the full-body. My eight-year old son had a foot massage. And the hubby had a shoulder and neck massage – he fell asleep in his chair.

“Ah, I feel so relaxed; maybe all I need is a massage to get rid of all this tension in my body?” suggested my husband as we left our new go-to massage place.

Food made with Love – Zen Organics Farm Visit

A trip to a farm is a great family day-trip. And imagine this, you can do a farm visit through HomeGrown Foods in Hong Kong! This past weekend my family took a trip out to Zen Organics with a group of people from Slow Food Hong Kong: we picked; ate and listened to the vegetables.

Joey, the farmer showed us around her farm and let the kids harvest vegetables from the farm. We had so much lettuce we gave extra produce to our neighbours. The badge Joey is wearing is from the collection.

Hong Kong has a growing movement of people who are concerned about the quality and character of their food. There are several restaurants in Hong Kong that are focusing on the source and quality of food by supporting local agriculture.

Chef Todd, from Posto Republico says that the “quality” of the food is an integral part of creating a tasty dish. Finding the right quality of food is difficult in Hong Kong as so much of our food is imported from so far away. The closer to the food is to home the better the quality. As well, the more farmers/acre of farm results in better quality and higher nutritional value of food. Of course those farmers are adding the secret ingredient that grow the best vegetables: LOVE.

Recently when I was asked for my secret “discoveries” for health as a Naturopathic Doctor I reported, “The most important aspects of good nutrition is to eat food that is grown, harvested, cooked and eaten with LOVE.” I believe if we eat less food, with a higher nutritional value, and huge quantities of LOVE there will be food for all of us.

Window Ledge Planting Beginnings – Advocado Seed Instructions

Has anyone ever tried to sprout an Avocado Seed? I have failed many times. I just found these instructions, so I’m trying again. Wish me luck!

Adapted from: Sprouting an Avocado Seed – by Richard Jauron, Department of Horticulture

  1. remove the large seed from the center of the fruit, wash it in water
  2. insert several toothpicks into the sides of the seed; halfway up the pit
  3. suspend the seed in a glass of water. The bottom one fourth of the seed should rest in water  (the broad end of the seed is considered to be the bottom)
  4. periodically add water to maintain the water level
  5. remove the toothpicks and plant into a 6″-8″ pot when the roots are at least 2″-3″ long
  6. top of the seed should be level with the soil surface; water thoroughly
  7. place potted plant in brightly lit location (east or west window is ideal)
  8. Water the plant regularly. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.
  9. Fertilize once or twice a month during the spring and summer with a houseplant fertilizer.

Avocado plants grow rapidly. They often have to be discarded after 2 or 3 years because they’ve become too large for indoors. (Never produces fruit inside- it may take 20 or more years to bear fruit!) If it doesn’t sprout within 2 to 3 months, discard the original avocado and try again!

Inspired by NIA – a Multi-sensory Exercise Experience

I have been going to NIA classes for the past four weeks. And I happy to say that I love NIA! Along with the benefits of getting exercise & being in a dance class again; NIA inspires me: to think, act and react differently in the world.


I started going to NIA during LOVE week (the week of February 14 & Valentine’s Day). The focus of the NIA class was to be love in the world. I was inspirted by the NIA class. I was inspired by the Beckoning of Lovely event during Social Media Week And I was inspired with the new focus and energy I freed up by reducing my practice hours. The “youareloved campaign” is one such outlet. I attribute my ability to get this campaign started to the week of love.

The campaign is going well, up to 10 recipients now. Although I had hoped to reach one person each day my production is not as high as I’d imagined it could be. As I want each gift to be unique, I can’t set up an assembly line… Although I did for St. Patrick’s Day:

BIG WAVES & Comfort Zones

Ocean Recovery Alliance

Ocean Recovery Logo for Doug

My second week of Nia was focused on stepping outside one’s comfort zone. I was excited about this one, as Tracey, our instructor, used the analogy of living on one coral reef and taking a step off to explore the ocean. Because I have been involved in the HK Ocean Film Festival I was doubly inspired by the Ocean films. As the NIA class imagined ourselves stepping off our familiar coral reef, we “felt” the waves grew large and scary – creating a great ride. However, when we made it to the next coral was worth all the fear; the next coral was an exciting and beautiful place.

This week made me think a lot about my life: my issue as an urban nomad, I don’t have a regular. I feel like everything is new each day. There is no regular place for me to go (although I have been meeting people regularly at MANA!) There is no regular place for our family to hang out (although the walk up the Peak and a trip to Saffron Bakery is lovely). These kinds of “regular” are good! I feel that coming to a completely different continent is a “step outside” my comfort zone. Moving house every two years to a different country is another step beyond comfort. My comfort zones are more about interacting with the world wherever I am – learning to trust the abundance of the world.


During women’s week, we were to celebrate life, celebrate woman-hood. That day, our Nia instructor asked us to do one thing special for ourselves. We celebrated and had a party. Every class there is time for a dance party. The NIA class participants move their bodies to the extremes. I enjoy my little weekly dance party with my dance partners. We always steam up the windows!

Relaxed Aware Waiting

Last week we were discovering the RAW that is NIA – learning a new way to listen.

This week I have trying to be RAW in my interactions with my friends and family. With everyone I meet really. The idea is that you keep your body relaxed with your mind alert for subtleties and wait for the message from the other being. When you truly pay attention to the words of others, you will truly hear their story and have empathy for their situation. It is easy to become distracted by other things, or even your own thoughts. Now I am keeping the RAW motto in my head so that I stop what I am doing, relax my body and become aware of the thoughts in my head and I wait for the words of the other person.

Tomorrow I am excited to take a special NIA class with a guest instructor from Beijing, Jen Schwerin from Beijing a NIA black belt holder! I am excited to learn how Jen will guide our class towards the merging of the Music and Movement and watch us create Magic. Join us?

Urban Beach Vacation in Hong Kong

This city has a full-on supply of stress and pollution. Yet, we do have the advantage of being surrounded by beaches. My family has set a goal of swimming in all of the beaches of Hong Kong – those deemed safe to swim in, of course. See guide from the Environmental Protection Department: So far we have been to ShekO; Repulse Bay; Stanley Main Beach; St. Stephen Beach; and South Bay.

This last week-end we were at South Bay. Now that we have got the beach umbrella rental figured, the beach bag contents sorted, and the packed lunch organized our trips to the beach are stress-free and maximally enjoyable. The combination of sea salt, ocean air and sunshine makes us all feel sun-kissed and happy. It seems that a weekend with a trip to beach makes everyone feel relaxed for the busy week ahead.

It is my prescription to everyone to get out and enjoy that nature in before the invasion of the thermal inversions of winter. It’s during the cooler months that we Hong Kongers have so much to worry about with air pollution as a result of thermal inversions trapping the smog between layers of warm and cool air. So get out there, but try not to block my sun!

Hong Kong in a Word

Does a city have a personality? Long before Eat, Pray, Love I thought about the one word that would describe the city I was living in at any particular time. I have a word for three of my favourite cities: Toronto – insecure; New York – tasmanian; and I have a word for Hong Kong – courageous.

Toronto is full of people with amazing potential and creative energy. However, in order to express that creativity, the Torontonian must leave her city. I was trying to a name to what it was I could see was happening to so many of my friends; then I read a letter from the editor of Toronto Life, Sarah Fulford where she describes Toronto has having a “fragile self-image”. What is so wrong with stepping outside of the box and trying something new? 

New York, on the other-hand is full of tasmanian devils – spiralling in a state of gettin-her-done. New Yorkers feel cannot just be satisfied to be regular types, there is a push to be the “best” and “fame = success”. Because really they should be managing a small multi-national corporation rather than packing groceries at C-Town – tee hee.

Hong Kongers, especially the Ex-Pats, are courageous. Asia is the place where things are happening, the center of excitement and growth in the world: financial, technological, even cultural… Artists like David Fenner are saying HK is at the crux of a creative revolution. The arts in HK are growing like never before – even sales of by Christie’s, Hong Kong increased by 110% since October 2009 – When a Hong Konger wants to make something happen, it does: HKers are motivated and use networks to achieve dreams. So take a lesson TO – be brave; and NYC – move that spiral outwards; and Hong Kongers – move forward brave soldiers. And on the weekend – relax on the beach.

Now, whether any of this will have a positive effect on me remains to be seen… Stay posted.

Hiding Pain & Mistakes Weakens our Souls

It is fascinating how a pain can start in one part of your body and result in referred pains and distress somewhere completely different. A weakness in my left leg resulted in pain in my right ribs. My talented Osteopath, Philip Clarke, at Balance Health found the source of the pain in my left leg. By compensating for the weakness of the calf, my body became a series of aches: right ribs, hips, knees, ankles. The rest of body was taking on the responsibility of the leg, to reduce the pain and support the weakened leg.

Other non-physical pains, such as emotional traumas or personal “secrets” can create similar EMOTIONAL pains in our relationships with others and with ourselves. As I have learned in my sessions with my own healers (Naturopathic, Energetic, Osteopathic, etc) holding on to a “secret” or hiding the proverbial skeleton in a closet [And you’d better have some sort of mould control if you live here in Hong Kong!] will result in holding ones self back from experiencing the fullness life has to offer.

We need to be who we are completely: all faults and tasty flavours included. Being someone whom we think we should be and hiding our mistakes will force the rest of our being to compensate. Instead of using the body to hide your pains (both physical & emotional), take yourself to a Naturopath or a Wholistic Health practitioner who can read the messages from the body and find the source of your problems. Simply become aware of where you are holding yourself back and ask for help. We don’t need pain referrals, and as my friends at BNI would agree, the only type of “referrals” we want are from our wonderful friends & clients telling other people what honest, sincere and natural SOULS we are. Refer the love!

The Secret to Health

Last evening I attended a meeting of the Hong Kong Law of Attractions  meet-up group. We watched a movie together to learn about the Secret to having abundance in our lives. The tenet of the film is that this “secret” is common to many systems of belief.  In fact in the Mathew 7:7 of Christian Bible we are told, “Ask and You Shall Receive.”

But, we are not limited to the Christian beliefs. In my Feng Shui studies I also have learned that we need to set an “intention” for each and every adjustment that is made in a clients’ home. As a Naturopathic Doctor, the chief concern for the patient must be determined before we can move forward. Because, after all as the Confucius tells us, “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. Whatever we focus on in our minds, the Universe responds to by providing us with more. Thus we must avoid focusing on what is NOT desired, for the Universe does not judge what is good or bad, she simply provides whatever you are thinking about most!

The first step of the Secret is very logical and simple: we must know and say where we are going, we must know specifically what it is that we want before we can receive (and that is the last step; Receiving). Yet, the middle step is the hardest, believing. That is believing that we deserve what we are asking for. Despite all the lessons we have learned in our childhood, or from past experiences about: others being more fortunate than us, or working harder than me, or being luckier. We need to trust that the Universe will provide. While we are waiting, we need to constantly be receiving the small gifts that will eventually lead us to our goal. Sitting in a room, waiting for a package of “what was asked for” in a Priority Post package will not work (well if you focus hard enough it just may, but, well it wont be as fun!!).

Finally, we must Receive what we asked for; and, as my new LOA friend told me last evening, often what we were expecting to receive.  does not come in exactly the packaging we were hoping for. Yet, we need to continually say “yes” to the small offerings from the Universe towards our dream. Our wish will can come slowly with: invitations to meetings, offers for coffee meetings, telephone calls from old friends, information on the internet, email addresses of contacts, etc. All of these are a part of the eventual, Jackpot of Abundance.

Every step is so vital to achieving your dreams and goals, the first step is so important to do with care and consciously as you choose your dreams and desires with care and consciously. You are in control of your destiny. Whatever you want to be and feel is completely up to you! Ask for what you desire, believe that you will have your desires and receive the abundance of offerings from the Universe as she gives you what you want.

Happiness is Catchy (or Contagious) & Mirror Neurons

Recently I have read several articles talking about how depression & happiness are “catchy”, by that I mean contagious. Merely by hanging around people in a certain mood, one can begin to feel the same way.  In this recently published study the researchers found that content and discontent are contagious. We are affected by the size of our social network and we are infected by contact with “content” and “discontent” people.

When we are in a neutral state, we are susceptible to either content or discontent. Yet, is it possible to build up our immune system against discontent. In fact, people who have felt discontent are more likely to return to a state of discontent, we do not develop and immunity against discontent. Why not try to increase the probability of “content” contacts? The study showed that contacts greater than 2 km away (good bye New York), had less of an impact. So, let us surround ourselves with positivity. And when the “discontent” exposure is risky – i.e., visiting a sick friend, attending a funeral, tenting with a frightened friend, living in a depressed city, or an otherwise “saddening” experience – it is important to develop rituals to leave the emotions of the discontent experience behind. These emotions are contagious; emotional dis-ease will lead to physical disease and that is difficult to recover from, maybe even years.

Colleagues of mine from BTB Feng Shui alerted me to the studies on mirror neurons. Understood at first to be something possessed by non-human primates, i.e., “monkey see monkey do” – mirror neurons explain how primates learn from and actually experience the emotions of other primates, simply by watching.  Now this one is really bizarre and I am having trouble even explaining how it works! But, the way I understand the research, we can feel the sensations on another person’s body as if it were our own body. This was tested by numbing a subject’s arm and then showing that same subject another person’s arm being scratched. That scratching on the “OTHER” arm was perceived as being on the subject’s OWN body.

So, there really is no difference between you and me. So why not smile at yourself? Why not be polite? Why not hug yourself? Let’s commit NOW to smiling at people on the street. And making a few jokes. Geesh I’ve made myself happy with this blog!