Scallops with Carrot Spirals & Yellow Pepper Slivers

Skillet Scallops with veggie spirals

Skillet Scallops with veggie spirals

Here is recipe for a simple pan-fry preparation of scallops. This is a serving for ONE!

  • 5-8 scallops – fresh/defrosted on a bed of paper towel in the fridge overnight
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1/2 carrot spiralled (I find you can do a whole carrot and when it is spiraled it is so easy to eat-up)
  • 1/4 yellow pepper (thinly sliced)
  • sprinkiing of pink himalayan sal
  • 2 Tsp thinly chopped green onions
  • Red onions for colour

Heat pan to medium low temperature. Add the coconut oil to the pan. Allow pan to heat up and place the scallops in the oil. Brown the scallops on each side for a few seconds.

Leave the scallops to cook for only a few minutes (the colour will change from translucent to white). While the scallops cook on one side of the pan; add the spiraled carrots (these need only a few minutes to soften. I like my peppers with some texture, so when the carrots are tender, take the peppers out of the pan as well. Place veggies on your plate & gently arrange the scallops on top. Sprinkle the onions on top for texture & colour.



Bun Festival on Cheng Chau

This year I made the trip out to Cheng Chau for the Bun Festival. It was a part of a tour… Very touristy of me. We took a “junk boat” to the island. It was a glorious morning – followed by incredible rain in the afternoon. We sat out on the deck and had the wind in our faces and blowing our hair in the wind. It was lovely.

The island of Cheng Chau does not have any cars. People travel using bicycle or walking. Everyone was gearing up for the Bun Festival and we found the village decorated with flags and lanterns to celebrate both Buddha’s birthday & the Bun Festival. Very auspicious year.

We visited the temple as well and had our fortunes told. One friend was in a boat all alone – cold & lonely. Mnn… Definately time to make a change for the better.

My future career adventures brought quite a bit brighter than my friend’s reading… Although the tree in the garden once was beautiful, all the leaves and fruit would fall to the ground. Soon the tree would grow ever more beautiful with plenty of flowers and fruit. I’ll take one tree-of-life any day!

What festivals are you celebrating.

Forgiveness and Fertility

This is a big one for me and for many of my patients who are trying to conceive. I know it is a hard one to accept, but our minds are so intrinsically involved with our health. I know, it sounds so incredibly logically, but so many of us forget.

I am reading a book, Anita & Me, by Meera Syal In this book the main character’s mother explains that thinking negative thoughts will turn our bodies ugly:

…mama informed me, rather proudly I thought, that Mrs. Lowbridge was not even forty, and the smoking and bad luck had chiselled all those weary draggin lines around her eyes and mouth. “That’s why you must always count your blessings, beti, and never think negative thoughts. If your mind is depressed, your body will soon follow…”

So, why not? Ask for forgiveness. And forgive others. It is worth a try. Our babies and new beings to this earth need to know that they are wanted and welcomed to this earth. How much better is a party when you are invited?? [Well in my case, I’ll show up regardless!!]

We can recieve and offer forgiveness by using the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian method of forgiveness. Homeopathy often works in my patients to allow them to let go and move forward. Also, we can use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

This week I visited two health practitioners in Hong Kong who practice these methods of forgiveness treatment. At Holistic Central, my voodoo therapist, Angela Cummins talked me through the hooponopono method from Hawaii. After an extenstive conversation and Neurolinguistic Programming techniques, Angela and I uncovered some deep issues attached to forgiveness. We used the process as described on Zara’s blog

Ready to learn the process? It’s very easy. You simply repeat the following four magical phrases with focused and positive intent. [You can use] the other person’s name as well…

The process goes like this:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Often as children we are scolded for being “naughty” – yet we cannot understand the reason for the scolding. In my own memories of being in nursery school, I remember my teacher giving me a time-out and taking away the treats I had brought for my classmates because I was singing. Can you believe?

With Caroline Rhodes at Body Group I was able to visit my three-year old self to comfort her and tell her she is not naughty when she sings out loud. [Even when it is in the elevator of the Kailey Tower building.] My higher mind and the higher mind of my nursery school teacher were able to have a conversation. I understood that it was not me, but my teacher’s own lessons from childhood that taught her children should not sing at random opportunities. If you are reading this blog, next time we meet, sing “puzzle-book, puzzle-book” and the benefits of my EFT therapy session with Caroline will be increased multifold!

So take a chance on a new opportunity coming into your life by letting go of old patterns of hatred and regret and guilt. Let go of the past and let new life into your body!

The Secret to Health

Last evening I attended a meeting of the Hong Kong Law of Attractions  meet-up group. We watched a movie together to learn about the Secret to having abundance in our lives. The tenet of the film is that this “secret” is common to many systems of belief.  In fact in the Mathew 7:7 of Christian Bible we are told, “Ask and You Shall Receive.”

But, we are not limited to the Christian beliefs. In my Feng Shui studies I also have learned that we need to set an “intention” for each and every adjustment that is made in a clients’ home. As a Naturopathic Doctor, the chief concern for the patient must be determined before we can move forward. Because, after all as the Confucius tells us, “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. Whatever we focus on in our minds, the Universe responds to by providing us with more. Thus we must avoid focusing on what is NOT desired, for the Universe does not judge what is good or bad, she simply provides whatever you are thinking about most!

The first step of the Secret is very logical and simple: we must know and say where we are going, we must know specifically what it is that we want before we can receive (and that is the last step; Receiving). Yet, the middle step is the hardest, believing. That is believing that we deserve what we are asking for. Despite all the lessons we have learned in our childhood, or from past experiences about: others being more fortunate than us, or working harder than me, or being luckier. We need to trust that the Universe will provide. While we are waiting, we need to constantly be receiving the small gifts that will eventually lead us to our goal. Sitting in a room, waiting for a package of “what was asked for” in a Priority Post package will not work (well if you focus hard enough it just may, but, well it wont be as fun!!).

Finally, we must Receive what we asked for; and, as my new LOA friend told me last evening, often what we were expecting to receive.  does not come in exactly the packaging we were hoping for. Yet, we need to continually say “yes” to the small offerings from the Universe towards our dream. Our wish will can come slowly with: invitations to meetings, offers for coffee meetings, telephone calls from old friends, information on the internet, email addresses of contacts, etc. All of these are a part of the eventual, Jackpot of Abundance.

Every step is so vital to achieving your dreams and goals, the first step is so important to do with care and consciously as you choose your dreams and desires with care and consciously. You are in control of your destiny. Whatever you want to be and feel is completely up to you! Ask for what you desire, believe that you will have your desires and receive the abundance of offerings from the Universe as she gives you what you want.

Natural Health in Hong Kong – Urban Mountain Walking

Who knew I would come to Hong Kong and get healthier? Most people think of Hong Kong as an overcrowded, adrenaline-addicted, mess. However, the mood of Hong Kongers is more positive and congenial than I have met in any other city. People genuinely want to enjoy life here. Family is important, friendships are important and food is so important.

Hong Kong is full of opportunities to better your health. The mountain behind my home is a case in point. Each morning for the past two weeks, I have been climbing to the top of Victoria Peak. The first week was incredibly tough. As I huffed and puff towards the top, I gave up before the peak two days in row. “I don’t want to challenge the beast on my first day,” I rationalized to myself.

Then I made it up to the top, it wasn’t that much further! On my way down I noticed many climbers 3x my age. Many people stopped to do Tai Chi at a park half-way up. There was an entire community of peak climbers: the backwards walker, the runners (rare, but they do exist), the baby carriage pushers (unbelievable); the baby bjorn walkers; and my favourite, the little-old lady in the flower print top. She smiles every morning at me with such a welcoming gaze, that I began to see the mountain not as a beast, but as a buddy.

Then it rained on me. A huge torrential downpour – I was baptised by the rain. Please, welcome me to your glorious city and mountainside. I love it here. And I am feeling… healthy in Hong Kong? Come along with me and get healthy too!