Fat Makes Babies

There is such a trend towards low-fat dairy; I could just crack a rib thinking about it.

One of my first patients in the teaching clinic was this little old lady, Mary: 90 pounds and 5’4” who was suffering with rib soreness. She was as frail as could be.

Fat Protects

Mary and I took a look at her diet for a typical week: skim milk, low fat = zero fat. I gave her the prescription:

Now although this is catered to each person, as many people are sensitive to dairy… I told Mary to eat full-fat milkshakes daily; for two weeks, minimum – nice doctor, wouldn’t you agree? And I told her to cut all low-fat products from her menu.

Within a week Mary was feeling more energetic as was able to fight the case of shingles she had caught. Fat is good.

Fat Balances

As humans get older the fat levels are vital for protecting our bodies from illness. And when we are prepping for pregnancy those same fats are vital for creating a fertile balance of hormones in the body.

You know when you walk through the yoghurt section in an average dairy-stocked grocery store every yoghurt container is labeled low fat; yet looking at the label we find HIGH sugar. What is this refined carbohydrate going to do to you?

Not only is it sugar that’s added to compensate for the tasteless product that results from removing the fat from the yoghurt, the sugar that’s added is high fructose corn syrup.

This fructose causes swings in sugar levels: stressing your insulin levels, your thyroid and your fertility! As well those colouring and additives and preservatives…? Oh yeah, that’s healthy for you sure… NOT

Hormone-Free, Organic, Full-Fat

When you are trying to get pregnant you need good fats in your body. Healthy, hormone-free, full-fat fats!

The cholesterol found in animal fats is needed to create hormones. But the hormones used to increase the milk production in cows, is going to create havoc in your body. So find organic, hormone-free milk products to consume.

Omega Oils

Of course omega oils found in nuts, seeds and fish oil are vital too.

Our fertility will increase by consuming the fats found in purified fish oil (mercury-free), or fresh fish (pick the oily fish, remember the acronym, SMASH), including:

S salmon
M mackerel
A albacore tuna
S sardines
H halibut/herring

As well as oils found in seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax will assist with balancing the hormones in the body. Adding more omega oils will create a balance towards healthier oils and inflammatory cytokines in the body. But, that is another article completely.

Less Sugar, Good Fats

So, remember, reduce your sugar intake wherever possible, but keep the fats: your body needs them, your hormones need them and your new cutie-babe will need them too.

My mom always tells me that I am such a smart kid because she took a fish oil supplement when she was preggers with me in the 70s!

Hey, the proof is in the fish oil pudding…


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