Bun Festival on Cheng Chau

This year I made the trip out to Cheng Chau for the Bun Festival. It was a part of a tour… Very touristy of me. We took a “junk boat” to the island. It was a glorious morning – followed by incredible rain in the afternoon. We sat out on the deck and had the wind in our faces and blowing our hair in the wind. It was lovely.

The island of Cheng Chau does not have any cars. People travel using bicycle or walking. Everyone was gearing up for the Bun Festival and we found the village decorated with flags and lanterns to celebrate both Buddha’s birthday & the Bun Festival. Very auspicious year.

We visited the temple as well and had our fortunes told. One friend was in a boat all alone – cold & lonely. Mnn… Definately time to make a change for the better.

My future career adventures brought quite a bit brighter than my friend’s reading… Although the tree in the garden once was beautiful, all the leaves and fruit would fall to the ground. Soon the tree would grow ever more beautiful with plenty of flowers and fruit. I’ll take one tree-of-life any day!

What festivals are you celebrating.


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