Bloom wherever you are pl…

Bloom wherever you are planted by peacelovefabulous

Most seeds when planted will sprout. Even dried chickpeas and lentils will sprout when they are watered. The blooming of one seed often takes more time and special care. But once the blossom appears, great beauty appears.

This quote from Rachel of is a metaphor for the fabulousness of our human mind. Each of us has such interesting ideas and dreams – when one of these ideas is shared, it is like a flower in bloom for the rest of us to enjoy!

When a plant blooms, the plant expends energy to create beauty. Often this bloom will turn into a vegetable or a fruit from a tree. Some flowers bloom only once every 10 years: like the popping Karvy flower. Other flowers, such as the Rafflesia have no particular flowering season; have no roots, leaves or stem; take over two years to come to bloom; and then only bloom for three days. Or the giant flower Titan Arum which takes 15 years to bloom and has only bloomed 100 times in cultivation

As humans we too have different blooming seasons, times for cultivation and support networks. What excites me is seeing other people doing what makes them bloom. I love helping to cultivate peoples dreams – giving them inspiration, setting up a meeting with people I know; buying their kickstarter; donating to their project.

We are all a part of one giant farm of ideas and interests. The more we bloom the more we share our produce with our fellow beings. So, people, get blooming! Wherever you are!


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