Twitter How-Tos for Newbies

As a newbie to Twitter and “tweeting” I thought I would share my top ten tips on proper “tweetiquette” for writing Tweets:

  1. Keep it real, be honest & be positive
  2. Keep your tweets short, to allow others to retweet & add their own message
  3. Create catchy intro & add a link, e.g.,
  4. Pick a topic you are passionate about & use # “a hashtag” to intro your topic & become the “go-to” person for that topic
  5. Sarcasm is only interesting to a point – you need to be sincere
  6. Lingo: we “tweet” (the action), but we do not “twitter” (the Platform)
  7. Using @ – also known as a “handle” – sends a direct message; include a “.” before the @ to make message public
  8. Observe proper retweeting – RT: or Name: before quote and @: @ if 2nd degree retweet
  9. Ask before you tweet – would I want to know/see this about someone else?
  10. Respond, to: follows, messages, posts. Go make some friends!

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