The Game of 100 Steps

After my huffing and puffing up the stairs sections of the Hong Kong Trail, I decided I needed to do some extra training. So, this morning I decided to do a few extra steps at the end of my usual Morning Trail walk.

It was a hiking pal, Lorna (a.k.a. Stair Master) who explained how to access the extra trail to the real peak of my backyard mountain. I thought I would just challenge myself to a few steps, start with 100 say. However, as I started to ascend the beautiful and solitary path towards the sky, I couldn’t just stop at 100. I tried 100 more.

Suddenly I was startled by a large wolf-like animal on the path. I remembered my training yesterday and the polar bear and instead of feeling frightened imagined myself playing with the wolf. Fortunately, the scarey wolf was actually a white, fluffy dog enjoying the stair climbing herself along with her owner.

I continued up the trail and kept the idea of playfulness and fun as I slogged up another 100 steps. It was the game of 100s as I proceeded to complete all 550 (I may have missed a hundred) stairs. I was having fun counting and listening to the music of the wind. Who knew exercise could be SO fun?

At the top I was rewarded with the views of both north and south island – for which you will need to climb up yourself (or wait until I am generous enough to share & bring my camera!). And a strong, cold Hong Kong wind threatening to make my journey downhill, much easier & faster!


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