You Are Loved Campain

You Are Loved Campain

Yesterday my eight-year old son asked me why did I twitter? What was the purpose? This boy is meant for thoughts far greater than mine. (Apparently infinity is the number just before one?) As I walked down my mountain along the Morning Trail I had to start thinking as I do. I tried to come up with an reason in answer to my child’s question, WHY?
Playing the why game over and over in my head?
Mom, why do you twitter?
Because I want to say something to the world
Why do you want to say something?
Because I have interesting ideas that I want to share with the world
Why do you have interesting ideas?
Because I am always thinking about how the world is and why we interact with each other and other non-human beings.
Why do you think about “interacting”?
Because I love being around other beings and feeling their energy and learning from them.
Why do you love learning?
That is what life is all about for me. It is about learning from other people and discovering what they are thinking.
Why discover?
Discovering allows me to expand my own concepts of the world (of infinity) and questions about why we are here. Why I am here.
Why “expand”?
Because it is FUN!
Now, that I can understand, mum ; why didn’t you just say that in the first place?


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