Days Five & Six of the Winter Cleanse

 Day Five

This was a good day. No headaches. I had lots of energy and clarity. I was almost late for a meeting, but stayed calm and found solutions. One bout of anger with my kid – felt I wasn’t being given sympathy.

I did have a meeting where I felt I was dwelling too much on the past; it seems so inconsequential at this point. It is not the past that has asked me to make changes in my life, it is the present. The “me” that I am now asked for change. There is really only so long a person can remain in a situation where one feels she is not being given respect. Only a self-respecting woman would be able to leave that situation. I have left with a peaceful heart.

What adventures will the future bring? I am waiting and listening.

I did hear some interesting information; I’m thinking that I may soon have a long-term goal. I’m not quite ready to share this goal – it is also interesting for me to hold back information, usually I spill-the-beans in a mili-second.


Day Six

Patience gives the power to practice; practice gives the power that leads to perfection.

…Do I really want perfection anyways?

My patience is gone, literally. This day was filled with angry “impatiences”. I was tired of the repetitive questioning from my child. Fed-up with over-privileged children who do not take advantage of the opportunities available to them, but would prefer to sit on the couch and play Wii. And tired of being the target of analysis from the pseudo-psychologist that lives with me: like get a degree, doc! That would be his Twitter address, “pseudo-doc”. Can you tell I’m fed up?

Went to bed with a headache, but I woke up early Sunday and had a few moments of alone time to journal. Cooked pancakes for the family… (no I did not eat them…)


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