Winter Cleanse – Day Four

Winter Cleanse

Winter is a time of waiting – new life begins in the spring. Winter is a time to reflect on what we have achieved and to look forward towards to the new creations we will develop in the next season of our lives.

With the encouragement of my Naturopathic Doctor, I started a Winter Cleanse this past week. I decided to begin on a Full Moon day January 9th. As the moon wanes, she loses her light, thus this is the ultimate time for our human bodies to let go in the areas our lives that have been taking too much light: emotional and physical addictions – and re-focus.

Over the past three days I have been trying to wait, however, waiting is often quite active for me. Day One I did my cooking for the Winter Cleanse: Quinoa Patties, Madonna’s Soup, rice dish… The first day, the food tasted so “delishious”! It seemed so long since I’d eaten a home-made vegetarian stir-fry. With chewy brown rice and walnuts and seeds! Yum. I love Brazil nuts.

Later, I took a walk on our mountain on Day One! I didn’t remember this. Wow, I was courageous, as this is a good and strenuous walk – fresh air, green and surprisingly, quiet! Who knew, by going later in the day (11am) I would avoid the morning “crowd” of exercisers?

Day Two I saw one of my favourite patients (who am I kidding, I love you all) for my last practice day in my old office. The visit was charged with talk over new ventures and changes and advancing through the excitement of growing old. To prepare my feet for my journey of discovery, I had a lovely foot massage at Gau’s on D’aguilar (15th floor). And in the evening I attended a meeting of New Day. New Day supports several NGOs in Cambodia, working to improve the lives of women and girls in Cambodia.

Since our family Christmas in Cambodia I have felt an overwhelming need to bring some creative energy to the people. Yet, I want to do this without cultural bias. I want to find a way to encourage Khmer people to share with each other and with the world the beautiful energy of Cambodia. Many of the people I met in Cambodia were very sweet, just like their sweet-pitched voices.

Day Three I was exhausted and dragged myself around in the morning. Headachy and sore, I managed to have a fun afternoon with a class of eight and nine year olds. I watched and provided feedback on the creative film projects of this class of adorable and inquisitive children. Last evening at “Windows on the Workplace” organized by the AWA, I hob-knobbed it with some of the great female minds of Hong Kong. I was well-impressed: a fashion design expert; three MBA graduates; a polish HR expert; a PHd in Art History (Harvard and NYU degrees!); a former secret-agent (I’m not kidding!) and yours humbly truly. I learned I need to be humble and aggressive to succeed in the HK workplace…

Day Four – let’s see… Humility and aggression – sounds like a job for Martial Arts!


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