Maintaining Calm in a Yoga Class

I know I know, what a crazy idea, that a Yoga class could add stress to one’s life. But, imagine a class of 9 squirming, energetic, silly monkeys jumping around your yoga room. Ooh what stinks? They ask as I cleanse the room with incense. Lokah samastah – comes back to me as kookah soososha and Sukinoh Bavantu is translated as I have to go to the loo. The translation, I tell my mini-yogis, is May all beings be as Happy as Me. Are you happy I ask them? Oh yes, very happy. Happy all the time, they all tell me.

So, what do I have to teach these happy, enlightened beings? They do not have a fear of failure, change, love, or success. They do everything with their full being and are fully PRESENT at every moment. I am blessed by the presence of these mini-yogis. The children are teaching me to “go with the flow”. During one class the little four and five year olds only wanted to lay on their mats. So, we created a cocoon-pose where we roll into our mats and prepare for our birth as butterflies.

I am teaching them to focus; the meditation and ohms are where the children are most attentive. The “littles” love listening to my stories. And the “bigs” love when I act out the different animals and bounce around the room: as the story is told, the children move through the various Yoga poses: mountain/giraffe; downward dog/pig; cat; snake; lion and others. Gradually I am adding a Suzuki Music element to the Yoga class – using our Suzuki music pieces for the yoga series and talking about the big mama, little baby and papa strings as characters in my Yoga stories. I am pleased to be introducing the children to a practice that has enhanced my life tremendously and these mini-yogis are learning to focus that exciting energy with meditation. And learning to stretch their minds and bodies.


2 thoughts on “Maintaining Calm in a Yoga Class

  1. How wonderful to be teaching kids yoga! I didn’t realise this was a part of your many talents! I’m a “resting” yoga teacher right now…we should definitely meet for that coffee on my return…

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