Hong Kong in a Word

Does a city have a personality? Long before Eat, Pray, Love  http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/eatpraylove.htm I thought about the one word that would describe the city I was living in at any particular time. I have a word for three of my favourite cities: Toronto – insecure; New York – tasmanian; and I have a word for Hong Kong – courageous.

Toronto is full of people with amazing potential and creative energy. However, in order to express that creativity, the Torontonian must leave her city. I was trying to a name to what it was I could see was happening to so many of my friends; then I read a letter from the editor of Toronto Life, Sarah Fulford where she describes Toronto has having a “fragile self-image”. What is so wrong with stepping outside of the box and trying something new?  http://torontolifepreview.cmail4.com/T/ViewEmail/y/9054BEC47BC46267/6A0C30CCC999D1182540EF23F30FEDED 

New York, on the other-hand is full of tasmanian devils – spiralling in a state of gettin-her-done. New Yorkers feel cannot just be satisfied to be regular types, there is a push to be the “best” and “fame = success”. Because really they should be managing a small multi-national corporation rather than packing groceries at C-Town – tee hee.

Hong Kongers, especially the Ex-Pats, are courageous. Asia is the place where things are happening, the center of excitement and growth in the world: financial, technological, even cultural… Artists like David Fenner www.fotofu.co.uk are saying HK is at the crux of a creative revolution. The arts in HK are growing like never before – even sales of by Christie’s, Hong Kong increased by 110% since October 2009 – http://www.artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=38453. When a Hong Konger wants to make something happen, it does: HKers are motivated and use networks to achieve dreams. So take a lesson TO – be brave; and NYC – move that spiral outwards; and Hong Kongers – move forward brave soldiers. And on the weekend – relax on the beach.

Now, whether any of this will have a positive effect on me remains to be seen… Stay posted.


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