Hiding Pain & Mistakes Weakens our Souls

It is fascinating how a pain can start in one part of your body and result in referred pains and distress somewhere completely different. A weakness in my left leg resulted in pain in my right ribs. My talented Osteopath, Philip Clarke, at Balance Health www.balancehealth.com.hk found the source of the pain in my left leg. By compensating for the weakness of the calf, my body became a series of aches: right ribs, hips, knees, ankles. The rest of body was taking on the responsibility of the leg, to reduce the pain and support the weakened leg.

Other non-physical pains, such as emotional traumas or personal “secrets” can create similar EMOTIONAL pains in our relationships with others and with ourselves. As I have learned in my sessions with my own healers (Naturopathic, Energetic, Osteopathic, etc) holding on to a “secret” or hiding the proverbial skeleton in a closet [And you’d better have some sort of mould control if you live here in Hong Kong!] will result in holding ones self back from experiencing the fullness life has to offer.

We need to be who we are completely: all faults and tasty flavours included. Being someone whom we think we should be and hiding our mistakes will force the rest of our being to compensate. Instead of using the body to hide your pains (both physical & emotional), take yourself to a Naturopath or a Wholistic Health practitioner who can read the messages from the body and find the source of your problems. Simply become aware of where you are holding yourself back and ask for help. We don’t need pain referrals, and as my friends at BNI http://www.bni.hk/index.php would agree, the only type of “referrals” we want are from our wonderful friends & clients telling other people what honest, sincere and natural SOULS we are. Refer the love!


One thought on “Hiding Pain & Mistakes Weakens our Souls

  1. Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot to me. I’ve been learning much of this myself lately. I find it amazing how stubborn I’ve been not to have seen it before.

    We can’t help others heal until we heal ourselves. And we can’t heal ourselves if we don’t let ourselves acknowledge our weaknesses and mistakes.

    Thank you again.

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