Belief gives Power to Healing

Last night I experienced my first remote energy healing from my energetic healer in NYC We spoke on the phone beforehand; first she spent a few moments “tuning in” to my energy, then we talked about the experiences that I have been having over that past few weeks; the memories I have from the past; and the feelings that are stopping me from progressing in my personal development. In New York, after a meeting with my healer, I would normally feel quite overwhelmed after my treatments. I would feel, unraveled, and unsettled. However, this time I felt lightened. Maybe I am finally coming to terms with the imperfections that come with the package deal involved with being “human”.

This morning I spoke to my family quite plainly about my need for support through my adventures in “balancing my energy”. As I am working on admitting my mistakes and being empathetic to the person on the other end of an argument; so, after speaking my mind, I had to agree with what my family said. [Although too much empathy can be a problemo – & more on mirror neurons] My family reminded me that what is most important are my OWN beliefs. And, okay, that is true. A medicine will not heal us if we do not believe in the power of the medicine. However, the power of that medicine will increase even more with the prayers and support of other people.

In New York, I met a friend who had recovered from breast cancer. She had used Yoga during her chemo to help her through her healing. I was impressed that she was using alternative medicines for her healing. Before her final surgery I gave her a few Naturopathic suggestions of vitamins, homeopathics and healing baths she could use to prepare. Months later, as I was leaving NYC, I learned that my suggestions had directed her onto an “alternative path”. My belief had transferred to her and she was working with alternative treatments. I had had an influence.

That is what we all need. Whether it comes from within, or from without, we all need some one to believe in our ability to change. Our ability to heal. Our ability to succeed. Energetic medicine heals my wounds from the inside, the scarring that is no longer visible is healed by working with the imbalances in my body, in my chakras. I believe that it helps me and heals me. The power of healing begins with belief.


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