The Secret to Health

Last evening I attended a meeting of the Hong Kong Law of Attractions  meet-up group. We watched a movie together to learn about the Secret to having abundance in our lives. The tenet of the film is that this “secret” is common to many systems of belief.  In fact in the Mathew 7:7 of Christian Bible we are told, “Ask and You Shall Receive.”

But, we are not limited to the Christian beliefs. In my Feng Shui studies I also have learned that we need to set an “intention” for each and every adjustment that is made in a clients’ home. As a Naturopathic Doctor, the chief concern for the patient must be determined before we can move forward. Because, after all as the Confucius tells us, “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. Whatever we focus on in our minds, the Universe responds to by providing us with more. Thus we must avoid focusing on what is NOT desired, for the Universe does not judge what is good or bad, she simply provides whatever you are thinking about most!

The first step of the Secret is very logical and simple: we must know and say where we are going, we must know specifically what it is that we want before we can receive (and that is the last step; Receiving). Yet, the middle step is the hardest, believing. That is believing that we deserve what we are asking for. Despite all the lessons we have learned in our childhood, or from past experiences about: others being more fortunate than us, or working harder than me, or being luckier. We need to trust that the Universe will provide. While we are waiting, we need to constantly be receiving the small gifts that will eventually lead us to our goal. Sitting in a room, waiting for a package of “what was asked for” in a Priority Post package will not work (well if you focus hard enough it just may, but, well it wont be as fun!!).

Finally, we must Receive what we asked for; and, as my new LOA friend told me last evening, often what we were expecting to receive.  does not come in exactly the packaging we were hoping for. Yet, we need to continually say “yes” to the small offerings from the Universe towards our dream. Our wish will can come slowly with: invitations to meetings, offers for coffee meetings, telephone calls from old friends, information on the internet, email addresses of contacts, etc. All of these are a part of the eventual, Jackpot of Abundance.

Every step is so vital to achieving your dreams and goals, the first step is so important to do with care and consciously as you choose your dreams and desires with care and consciously. You are in control of your destiny. Whatever you want to be and feel is completely up to you! Ask for what you desire, believe that you will have your desires and receive the abundance of offerings from the Universe as she gives you what you want.


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