Walking like a Butterfly using NIA Technique

One of the most wonderful things about Hong Kong are the butterflies. There are butterflies everywhere. This morning on my walk I saw two black butterflies, with the most glorious blue irridescent spots on the botton wings, dancing with each other. This should seal the deal, how could I move inside to a soul-less sweat factory after spending these weeks on a (sweat-producing) mountain of life?

So, NIA was teriffic [as was my lovely roof-top dinner at Life Cafe with my new friends from DB, yet moving back to the light soon? he he]. NIA was a bit intimidating at first: I was dancing in front of a mirror; in a bright room; with strangers; with only water to drink (ok, so, the water is not so odd). Yet, once the music started and our lovely and talented blue-belt NIA instructor, Tracy Fenner http://www.niahongkong.com/ showed us the routine, my body started to respond on its own. I was having fun doing my Akido grunts and martial art kicks. 

NIA is a technique that invites one to take a step into a different experience. An experience that is body-centered. We were invited to take a step into the NIA world for an hour, to learn a new way of experiencing our bodies. My favourite memory from the class was visualization of strumming my hand through a waterfall as I rotated my arm in my shoulder socket.

So, perhaps once a week I can add an indoor NIA class to my health regime, after all NIA is teaching me a new way to experience life outside of the class. And I don’t mean just experiencing sore calfs and achey hips! The combination of dance, martial arts and the healing arts made the NIA session more than just a work-out. It felt like therapy, it was empowering, yet all the while strenuous and invigorating. When I saw the butterflies this morning I began to walk up and down like I had the wings of a butterfly, a consequence of the NIA technique?


2 thoughts on “Walking like a Butterfly using NIA Technique

  1. Wow Katherine,

    What a wonderful piece of writing, thank you. Coincidentally one of the latest Nia routines is called Butterfly! Spreading your wings and enjoying the ride where ever it may take you!! 🙂

    Would it be ok if I could share this with on my Nia Hong Kong FB page?

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon

    Tracey 🙂

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