Stay Fit Method Needs a Makeover

Since the age of 17, I have been a member of a gym/fitness facility/community center: Hart House; UofW; Crunch in New York; and Virgin in London. Somewhere that I could collectively participate in exercise. These places have always had only one purpose for me: to work-out. I have never made friends (well once, my wacky former-lawyer-cum-Aerobics-instructor at the Vancouver Commercial Drive community center!); I have never been picked up, nor cruised; I have never met patients for Naturopathy; nor have I really altered my happiness with life…?

So, now it’s Hong Kong. Should I join PURE? I have tried out the Yoga classes at Yoga Limbs, Iyengar, and Anahata Yoga. But, I miss my Anusara with Vanessa @ Crunch in New York (okay, another friend I made). Pilates seems to be a popular way to go and I would love to play tennis at LRC… Tennis anyone?

And my hikes up the mountain are great. I am seeing an exercise therapist, Kieren Rogers at Balance Health Tonight I will check out NIA with Tracy Fenner; she is offering a free class at 6.30 @ Central Dance Studios; 1F, Man Cheung Building, 15 – 17 Wyndham Street. More tomorrow on what’s next?


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