Organic Hong Kong

I would have to say, I am obsessed by food; not only how it tastes and looks, but where it came from. Who grew the food, what was put on my food to make it grow, to keep the bugs away. What is in the soil where the food grew? What was the attitude of the people who produced the food? Then there are the real scares about food: green beans with botulism, milk with melanine, tainted pears…

Yet, the problems with was has become conventional pesticide- & fertilizer-dependent agriculture are far-reaching, and not limited to our food toppings. As Rachel Carlson’s book from the 1970’s (the book that is said to have boosted the environmental movement in North America) showed us, pesticides are not exclusive with the “pests” (read: insects, birds,  that are eliminated; even birds, and water-life are affected. Waterways become polluted with run-off from agricultural lands resulting in an over-growth of the plantlife, yet the result is in an increase in carbon dioxide and reduced oxygen needed for fish-life.

Okay, enough with the grim and gorey, the happy bit is Hong Kongers have access to organic food. Locally grown organic food. So no need to worry about the carbon footprint either. In the HK Magazine today a farm in China was featured. We can have food delivered to our homes from a pesticide-free, organic-based fertilizer and the farmers are a happy family! (I will let you know what I think after my first box!) Also, I have tried Epicure Direct (great fish & organic meats); here is a farm I ordered from that had great chinese greens:; then there is the bi-weekly farmers market at Star Ferry, you can read about it here:


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