Natural Health in Hong Kong – Urban Mountain Walking

Who knew I would come to Hong Kong and get healthier? Most people think of Hong Kong as an overcrowded, adrenaline-addicted, mess. However, the mood of Hong Kongers is more positive and congenial than I have met in any other city. People genuinely want to enjoy life here. Family is important, friendships are important and food is so important.

Hong Kong is full of opportunities to better your health. The mountain behind my home is a case in point. Each morning for the past two weeks, I have been climbing to the top of Victoria Peak. The first week was incredibly tough. As I huffed and puff towards the top, I gave up before the peak two days in row. “I don’t want to challenge the beast on my first day,” I rationalized to myself.

Then I made it up to the top, it wasn’t that much further! On my way down I noticed many climbers 3x my age. Many people stopped to do Tai Chi at a park half-way up. There was an entire community of peak climbers: the backwards walker, the runners (rare, but they do exist), the baby carriage pushers (unbelievable); the baby bjorn walkers; and my favourite, the little-old lady in the flower print top. She smiles every morning at me with such a welcoming gaze, that I began to see the mountain not as a beast, but as a buddy.

Then it rained on me. A huge torrential downpour – I was baptised by the rain. Please, welcome me to your glorious city and mountainside. I love it here. And I am feeling… healthy in Hong Kong? Come along with me and get healthy too!


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